Marketing Strategy Analysis for Z-Kung Fu Restaurant

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Marketing Strategy Analysis for Z-Kung fu Restaurant

Z-Kung fu Global Chinese Fast Food Chains is a new mode of operation in Chinese fast-food chain industry. It has solved the standardization problems in Chinese fast food industry for the first time and set a new way of developing the Chinese fast food. Up to now, Z-Kung fu has opened 250 bistros, and began to compete with the foreign fast-food restaurants. Developing on strong capital, Z-Kung fu is expanding rapidly. However, there are still problems existing in the marketing strategies of Z-Kung fu as follows. Firstly, it only achieves in standardization but it’s lack of support of the functional value. Secondly, it still difficult to compete with foreign meal in many ways,
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First, Z-Kung fu uses the patented products of automatic steaming machines. Second, In order to ensure the freshness of food, all its fast food restaurants make production plans according to the number of customers in each period of time. Third, the quality of the raw materials in each branch is ensured by the means of purchasing according to a certain standard and then making semi-finished products as uniform logistic supply. The biggest breakthrough in standardization of managing processes is the CAI-standard-computer-controlled steam equipment. By making good use of the steam which can control the pressure and the temperature, it ensures that the cooking process maintains a uniform standard: 1 to 2 atmospheric pressures, 101 ℃, no more than 80-second steaming time. In this way, the quality and taste of all the food in the restaurants can be guaranteed without being cooked by chefs.
Cai Dabiao was encouraged by the book McDonald’s Myth to carve out. He first standardized the steps of Cantonese- style steamed rice in the western way as a good example for other Chinese food. Thanks to his very brilliant idea, Z-Kung fu developed fast, and set up the goal as a listed company in the near future.

2.2 Z-Kung fu will Become McDonald’s of China
Between 2004 and 2006, Z-Kung fu maintained an average annual growth rate of 55per cent. At the end of 2006, after the completion of the financing, Cai had full confidence in rapid and steady growth in the

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