Marketing Strategy And Mix Of The T 150 Truck Line

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Marketing Strategy and Mix Marketers of the F-150 truck line traditionally target the construction industry with heavy towing capabilities and large carrying capacities. In January of 2015, “Ford starts most comprehensive truck marketing campaign to introduce the toughest, smartest, most capable F-150 ever” (Ford Motor Company, 2014). Marketers again target the working class men who depend on reliability, durability, and capability. Ford bombards the television ads, radio talk shows, consumer websites, print ads, and Hispanic sports competitions with information promising toughness. On the first day of the campaign, Ford placed three television commercials during a nationally televised college playoff football game showcasing the 2016 F-150. The first commercial, forward march, introduced the F-150 as being tougher, smarter, and more capable than the competition. The second advertisement, what’s next, concentrated on innovations such as a remote releasing tailgate, LED lighting, and a three hundred sixty degree exterior camera. The third commercial, move it, let consumers know that the 2015 F-150 has the best-in-class, six ton capacity payload (Ford Motor Company, 2014). The official Ford website has various videos informing the consumer on various topics including: road handling, an aluminum body that reduces the truck weight by seven hundred pounds, six ton load capacity, back up turning knob control and camera, safety, fuel efficiency, strength, and innovation (2014).

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