Marketing Strategy And Pr Campaign

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Marketing strategy and PR Campaign
Research Question 1 asks were the recent Starbucks Public Relations campaigns effective at creating buzz for the company. Survey Questions 1 and 6 gave the consumer a chance to provide information on social media sites their most active on and also their awareness on Public Relations campaigns Starbucks have featured over the recent years. While the research shows that Facebook had the most active participants 70.89% of all the social media sites features. The survey showed that of the 79 total participants, 62 participants or 78.48% were unaware of the selected Starbucks campaigns.
Research question 2 ask for a comparative point of view on Starbucks and its competitors. Survey
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High-quality goods ranked the highest with 47.44% of the vote followed by location with 43.59% and customer friendly with 41.03%. This result means that the respondents prefer high-quality good over customer friendly within Starbucks.
Although most of the participants preferred the quality of Starbucks coffee, Chart E (Questions 7) shows that only 7.59% of respondents visited Starbucks “very often” within a month, followed by 11.39% or respondents visited Starbucks “often” within a month. This result proves that even though consumer prefers the taste of Starbucks coffee, they rarely venture to a Starbucks store monthly.
Target Markets
Survey question 3 ask how the respondent perceived Starbucks target audience, being though this question required a written answer, this question was served as the qualitative section. The most used word from the respondents was “hipster” meaning middle class and “Yuppies” which meant upper class. Unfortunately, no chart or table could be provided at this time; however, see appendix for full results.
Participants were also questioned on how close is their nearest Starbucks in a mile radius. Chart I ( Question 4) seems to suggest that most participants lived 0-5 miles away from their nearest Starbucks. This was the highest rank with 69.62% followed by “5-10 miles” with 11.39%. Meaning the option of shopping at a
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