Marketing Strategy And Recommendations For Entering The New Market

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A business organisation situated in the US has identified extensive transformation in technology and business dynamics in the US market. The company plans to venture into the Canadian market; however, the management of the organisation need clear assessment on its current strategy and recommendation for a realistic strategy and development plan in venturing into the new market. This paper will critically assess the company strategy and advice the company on the best approach for entering the new market.
Current Organisation Strategy
The organisation currently utilises two major business strategies. The company employs the differentiation strategy. The company strives to produce products that are unique from the ones produced by the competitors. It does that by increasing the product superiority over the competitors through enhanced technology. The company has invested a lot on innovation and technology. Therefore, it strives to constantly improve its products so that it can continue to stay ahead of other competitors in the industry. According to Lee, and Lieberman, (2009, p. 149) product differentiation strategy is critical especially in companies that produce similar products. A company should strive to give the consumers of its products ideal reason of using its products at the expense of others available in the market.
The company has done well in producing unique mobile devices that are more user friendly with more additional features that benefit the consumer. The…
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