Marketing Strategy And Strategies And Principles Of BMW

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BMW Z3 ROADSTER BY: Aditya Bharti 150201006 Anjum Aggarwal 150201012 Ankur Tripathi 150201015 Ashima Bhatnagar 150201020 Karan Goyal 150201040 Mohak Dhul 150201046 1.0 STRATEGIES AND PRINCIPLES OF BMW BMW operates internationally in many different countries; it caters to the luxury segment of the US automotive market. BMW faced stiff competition from Lexus, Acura, and Infiniti in the mid 1980 due to which it faced a lot of sales decline. After the sales decline BMW made an effort to reposition their brand from “Yuppie Status Symbol” to “Ultimate driving machine”. BMW also made some changes in its price strategy due to the new level of competition. The company also paid attention to their dealership networks in order to enhance customer satisfaction. BMW’s…show more content…
With the Goldeneye agreement already in place, BMW were looking at new innovative ways in order to capture the interest and demand of the public through various big profile events and shows. These included • Special Neil Marcus catalogue offer Neil Marcus magazine, something that had out of the ordinary offers and products had been roped in by BMW in order to sell the car. This plan was a huge hit as it out predicted the predicted sales in the ratio of 300:1. • BMW in the computer BMW was always among the first innovators and were the first to create their own website which included a variety of fun filled stuff including movie clippings from the bond movie and the catalogue offer, but the main differentiating factor was the option to make your own customizable BMW and a complete 3-D virtual view of the car. The number of people visiting this website after introduction of this feature increased its popularity three folds thereby creating a huge demand for the car. • Press launch In central

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