Marketing Strategy At Nam Silp Thai Eyewear Company

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Statement of purpose
Today marketing becomes apparently challenging for a new player to jump into a Cutthroat market while other players are seeking for white space. Regardless of top-rank companies, the change of business trends is gathering pace. One aspect of tomorrow 's marketer is to come up with practical strategies in order to survive in the existing market.
Looking at my personal background, I was born in a family business which has been established for over 50 years by multiple generations. My family companies are well known named NAM SILP THAI EYEWEAR Company Limited, Better Vision Group Company Limited and Thai Optical Group Public Company Limited which are all complete optical businesses which operate as distributors, retailers, and manufacturers. Nowadays, we are a major player in this industry. Our business is not only growing domestically, but also extending worldwide in countries such as Singapore and Malaysia. After gaining experience from MBS, my initial intention is to become a part of the marketing department in the Better Vision Group Company Limited which operates approximately 130 optical chain stores located nationwide. Thus, attending MSc program in Marketing in MBS would have a great impact not only equipping me with an effective ability in marketing but additionally support the development of roadmap and strategies in our company in order to elevate to be Blue-Chip Company.
For many years, Alliance Manchester Business School has been well known

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