Marketing Strategy Athletics Supreme Case Essay

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Marketing Strategy Athletics Supreme
Teresa A. Cochran, RN BSN NE-BC
Columbia Southern University
Advanced Marketing
MBA 5501

Executive Summary
According to Nickols (2016), a strategy affects the direction of an organization which facilitates the establishment of the working environment in future. The enclosed marketing plan is being developed to demonstrate a strategic plan for Athletics Supreme, an established company who seeks to develop a new product line. Athletics Supreme is a seasoned company that has been in business for ten years with a primary product line that features a variety of athletic equipment. With respect to this analysis Athletics Supreme will develop a marketing plan with components including a brief company overview, market research strategies, and a macro-environment analysis of political, economic, social, technological (PEST) factors effecting market share.
Company Overview
Athletics Supreme is a company that has been in operation for ten years with a product line that consists primarily of athletic equipment. With a reputation for consistently delivering equipment that is both safe and affordable, the company has demonstrated quality in the world of sporting equipment and team sports. Through focused research the company has identified an opportunity to grow a new revenue stream by the addition of a new product line that includes quality apparel. The future market expansion strategies will continue to focus on providing a quality

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