Marketing Strategy : Celebrity Co Branding Essay

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INTRODUCTION Under the context of globalization, the role of brands becomes increasingly important in both aspects of corporate and consumers. It is particularly significant in the sportswear industry worldwide that many companies not only have to compete with their products but more importantly on brand values to attract more consumers and sustain its competitive advantages. This means that corporate branding strategy, which is building branding architecture that associated their values to the corporation name has become an essential key to success. Thus, brands tend to use various strategies to strengthen the consumer-brand relationship. Among all these branding strategies, celebrity co-branding is one of the most popular means that has been dramatically increased in use over the past decades. Previous co-branding research explores mostly on customers ' behaviour toward co-branding efforts (e.g. Motion, Leitch, & Brodie, 2003; Rao, Qu, & Ruekert, 1999; Simonin & Ruth, 1998; Washburn, Till, & Priluck, 2000). These findings offer useful insights into co-branding strategy. However, in today 's business world, the term of celebrity co-branding has extended from merely using them as an endorsement to practical design co-operation between brand and celebrities. Aside from the consumers ' perception of brand collaboration, it is as well as important for the brand itself to gain more brand values through co-branding strategy. Collaborating with celebrities or professionals from

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