Marketing Strategy Concepts, Methodology, And Theory

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In this part, related literatures about marketing strategy concepts, methodology, and theory, are reviewed. These concepts, theory and methodology are the foundations of research design of this work. 2.1 Marketing strategy The material world is objective while the people’s psychologies are very subjective. The same concepts from different people may mean different implications. The concepts of strategy tend to be used in many scenarios and embody different meanings. The marketing strategy also has its specific connotation and extensions. And there are some difference among the academic and practitioner for this concepts. So, the marketing strategy concept needed clarification. Grant (2011) defined the strategy as the means by which individuals and organizations to achieve their goals. From our understanding, the means to achieve goals is the methodology to achieve their goals. So, the critical part of marketing strategy is the policy and guideline of marketing which based on the analysis of internal resource and external environments and competitor. However, many other definitions of strategy are about the goals selection, Recourse allocation, action procedure, and plans. Such as below definition: “The determination of the long-run goals and objectives of an enterprise, and the adoption of courses of action and the allocation of resources necessary for carrying out these goals” -Alfred Chandler, Strategy and Structure (Robert M. Grant cited in
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