Marketing Strategy : Developing A Mobile Games Platform

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I. Executive Summary Mobitelea Games (MG) is developing a mobile games platform that will relate to current affairs among others themes. Our marketing strategy will illustrate how the target market segments will be exploited into getting customers as well as creating a guaranteed revenue stream. This is because our company will not follow the traditional path followed by those in the industry but will do things differently in its bid to be competitive. Primarily, the company will focus on creation of a unique game experience that will revolutionize the mobile game industry with fresh and innovative products and services. By creating games that are unique and have a twist of current affairs is bound to be advantageous as the industry…show more content…
This area will form the core of our game development, as there is a guaranteed revenue stream if the corporate world embraces our product and service. II. Introduction According to Loh, Sheng, and Ifenthaler, (2015), the mobile game industry forecast is to bring in over $22 billion in terms of revenues this year alone. The mobile games sector has lately become an important digital gateway for major gamers and publishers with mobile games accounting for huge segment of the monthly spending among digital gamers in the US only. This astronomical rise and acceptance of reality-based mobile games through such media like social and mobile networks have made it easy to enter the industry unlike there before. Figure 1: The US Games Market Forecast for Year 2015 Thanks to the game changing entry of Apple 's iPhone, the mobile game industry has revolutionized to a major moneymaking industry. The Android app seems to be the newest fad, which has propelled the industry to the levels being witnessed today although this can also be attributed to the games designs capitalizing on the original addictive nature of games, which hook users for more. However, the mobile games industry has not been rosy as it is today as few industry players were able to break from the pack by packaging games that would become revenue generators. It is for this reason that early entrants in the industry such as Supercell,
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