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By Elaine Yiting SHAO DREAMERS' PARADISE - DREAMWORLD SO MANY WORLDS IN ONE Name: Elaine Yiting SHAO ID: 1955 9224 Tutor: Blake Stanwick Unit Name: Tourism Marketing Unit Code: MKW2600 Word Count: 2876 � Table of Contents iiiExecutive Summary � 11 Introduction � 11.1 Purpose � 11.2 Scope � 11.3 Methodology � 11.4 Limitations � 11.5 Assumptions � 22 Background � 13 Identification of Market Segmentation � 13.1 Theory of Market Segmentation � 13.2 The Importance of Segmentation � 14 Analysing Market Segmentation Using Segmentation Variables � 14.1 Recognition of Appropriate Variables � 14.2 Application of Market Segmenting Using Different Variables � 14.2.1 Geographical Segmentation � 14.2.2 Demographic…show more content…
Owned by Macquarie Leisure Trust Group, it serves local, interstate as well as overseas visitors, with the slogan 'So Many Worlds In One'. Dreamworld is located in Coomera, Gold Coast in Queensland. It has entertaining facilities including the World's Tallest Freefall Drop Ride - the Giant Drop at 118m. The newest ride at Dreamworld is Flowrider. Other rides include the Tower of Terror (as of 2005 the world's fifth fastest roller coaster), The Claw, a Ride Trade Gyro Swing, and Cyclone (a dual loop roller coaster). Dreamworld also includes a water park; several restaurants; children's areas Nick Central, the new Wiggles World for toddlers and infants; as well as many themed playcentres such as Tiger Island, The Australian Wildlife Experience and Gold Rush Country. (Dreamworld, Gold Coast theme park, viewed: 16/09/06) � 3 IDENTIFICATION OF MARKET SEGMENTATION _3.1 THEORY OF MARKET SEGMENTATION_ According to Horner and Swarbrooke (2005: 39), Segmentation may be defined as the process of dividing a whole market into subgroups or segments for marketing management purposes. Market segmentation is the division of the overall market for a service into various categories with common characteristics. In response to different segments, organisations facilitate the available resources to achieve greater efficiency, in order to satisfy specific needs of customers. _3.2 THE IMPORTANCE OF SEGMENTATION_ Nowadays, tourism operators face

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