Marketing Strategy: Dutch Bros. Coffee Strategy

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1.1 Objectives
Dutch Bros. Coffee objectives are to generate a steady stream of revenue through the business to Consumer (B2C) coffee services industry. The goal is achieved by maintaining a low cost to develop & maintain their business through small franchise establishments that service a massive volume of customers.
1.2 Mission

COFFEE IS WHAT WE DO, BUT IT IS NOT WHO WE ARE. Here, at Dutch Bros we live by three main core values. One cannot be sacrificed for another. All must work together in order to provide the best experience possible. We may be a coffee company, but we are in the relationship business.
• SPEED. We get it, time travel isn’t real…yet. So, we move quickly, pour fast and serve with a sense of urgency to ensure that our customer’s
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Perfecting each customer’s drink, by hand, is the name of the game. We know the magic is in the details and strive to give our customers a remarkable product, each and every time they visit any of our stands.
• SERVICE. We are committed to providing the best experience and enjoy positively interacting with everyone we meet. We genuinely care about every customer we see and do our best to find solutions to any problem that might come our way.
(Dutch Bros.

Dutch Bros. Coffee's mission in this business plan is to establish a brick & mortar coffee shop drive thru presence outside of the United States of America. There establishment is well known across the United States for their commitment to giving the customer high quality coffee while providing the fastest service in the coffee industry. The company looks to succeed in entering the global market by maintaining its low-cost mentality & fantastic customer service like their approach within the United States

1.4 Potential Opportunities

Countries that were considered for the expansion into the international market were Australia, & Canada. These two countries have extremely similar cultural dimensions based off
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