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Song & Meng, P.C. Consulting Report

BECK Consulting Team:
Brian Tan
Erika Tan
Cari Lyall
Kathleen Guiang

Table of Contents
Executive Summary 3
Introduction 3
Online Marketing 4
Offline Marketing 8
Market Expansion: South Korea 13
Market Strategy Evaluation 19
Recommendations 22
Conclusions 22
References 23

Song & Meng, P.C. Immigration Lawyers Consulting Report
Executive Summary Our California Institute of Advanced Management consulting team (BECK Consulting) looked into many different areas to gain helpful insight and information for Song & Meng, P.C. Our BECK Consulting group focused on four key areas: online marketing strategies, offline marketing strategies (specifically print ads), market expansion opportunities in South Korea, and finally, marketing strategy evaluation. Each section has detailed information on how we believe these areas can assist Song & Meng, P.C. BECK Consulting drew from a variety of resources for this project, including peer-reviewed journals, trade publications, other online resources and the professional experience of each team member.
Song & Meng, P.C. Was created with a vision to create an immigration law firm that is dedicated to the practice of immigration law with an emphasis of commitment to their clients. Their goal is to provide professional, high quality legal services in a timely manner. Song & Meng, P.C. was established in November of last year by Ms. Marta…
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