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Song & Meng, P.C. Consulting Report

BECK Consulting Team:
Brian Tan
Erika Tan
Cari Lyall
Kathleen Guiang

Table of Contents
Executive Summary 3
Introduction 3
Online Marketing 4
Offline Marketing 8
Market Expansion: South Korea 13
Market Strategy Evaluation 19
Recommendations 22
Conclusions 22
References 23

Song & Meng, P.C. Immigration Lawyers Consulting Report
Executive Summary Our California Institute of Advanced Management consulting team (BECK Consulting) looked into many different areas to gain helpful insight and information for Song & Meng, P.C. Our BECK Consulting group focused on four key areas: online marketing strategies, offline marketing strategies (specifically
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This plan should be used at the discretion of the client. BECK Consulting will not condone or support any unethical or illegal activities.
Online Marketing We live in the digital age. The world has been made smaller and smaller through the use of the World Wide Web. Information and communication are far more accessible than ever before and studies have made it evident. ?Pew Research Center, a nonpartisan fact tank, studied the Internet access of Americans over a 15-year period, from 2000 to 2015. The study found that approximately 84% of Americans use the Internet now, compared to just 52% in the year 2000.? (The Future of Immigration Law Practice, 2016). It is no wonder that marketing trends have been moving towards online marketing strategies.
It is now, not only commonplace to have a website detailing the operations of your company, but expected. ?The reality is consumer ? likely even you ? turn to the internet to discover what to do, where to go, who to buy things from and more. Keeping this in mind, shopping online isn?t the only reason people go online. Instead, being online leverages multiple avenues for small businesses to gain visibility among consumers.? (Leinbach-Reyhle, 2015). For a small business trying to compete with other small and larger businesses, visibility is key.
A company?s website has

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