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Report on Marketing Strategy For Procter and Gamble Executive summary Marketing strategy spells out the strategy to achieve certain objectives. To execute the assigned requirement, United Kingdom perspective of Procter and Gamble has been chosen. In the first part of the report situational analysis, industry analysis, STP analysis and performance analysis has been shown. Situational analysis is comprised of PEST analysis and SWOT analysis. P&G has strong brands image and customer loyalty and these are their significant strengths. In contrast, they are facing threats of substitute products of competitive rivals like Unilever, Johnson and Johnson and so forth. The personal care industry in UK is very much competitive as market is…show more content…
SWOT analysis includes strengths, weakness, opportunity and threats. 1.1.1 Strengths Procter & Gamble has strong brand to its name. It boasts 24 billion dollar brands and it has 50 strong leadership brands which bring nearly 90% of sales and profit in UK. The company is in the dominant position in case of detergents, diapers and care products since it has acquired a numbers of beauty and care companies in the United Kingdom. The company has strong distribution channels, large scale in operation, lean production system, and heavy investment in research and development and higher profit margin than industry average. It has wide global exposure with mass production in eighty countries, selling in 180 countries and efficient distribution channel. 1.1.2 Weakness In UK, the consumer market for P & G is matured and there is very little possibility to expand the market. In contrast, the emerging market outperforms the mature markets like UK over the forecast period putting P & G in a valuable position. In case of the market of UK the company is eroded the market shares in a number of categories like bath and shower where Unilever is doing well now a days. P & G produce health care and beauty care products mainly for women which cannot attract the most of the male customers. 1.1.3 Opportunities Procter & Gamble is well positioned to take
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