Marketing Strategy For A New Service

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Success in a New Service Demographic segment variables subdivides people based on a wide variety of characteristics. This allows the business to decide what group they will be targeting based on their desired target market. Because grocery shopping is common, this business should not have limitations on genders or age. To increase sales they may target families and also college students who have a vehicle. However, the business should not restrict it to only these two entities. The business will not depend on specific incomes to market to people. The business must differentiate itself by emphasizing its drive through option, offering incentives, promoting ethical values, and staying connected with the customers and employees. The…show more content…
This will give the business an idea of how many potential customers there are and how to market to them. Once the business knows the percentage of possible customers, they can begin placing them into the different categories available. After the business has established their target group and placed them in the categories, they will be able to use aggregated data (InfoGroup). When the two entities respond or expresses an interest for the drive through grocery store, the business will be able to offer the families and college students a way to sign up to receive additional information. This allows the business to receive more information about the customer which they may not had. The business must begin by constructing a SWOT Analysis which will provide them with the necessary tools to avoid problems and excel. A strength would be the availability for its customers to use the drive through instead of walking in on busy days. A weakness is this business will be a first mover in the area (the location will be held at city with a population size of 60,000 or greater); it will be exposed to trial and error, and their competitors will be able to see their mistakes and avoid them. The business can increase their revenue by expanding the service (either increasing the amount of employees or having a customer assistance button available for the
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