Marketing Strategy For An Undergraduate Marketing Course

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In an undergraduate marketing course, you will review several tools and concepts related to marketing a particular product. Although there are several complex ideas associated with marketing it is important to understand them in order to ensure your business is successful. The best strategy for ensuring your knowledge of the concepts and tools demonstrated within a course is to put them into practice. This paper demonstrates a marketing campaign through the creation of a fictitious company that develops a technological advancement that is plausible in our society’s future. The campaign strategy goes into depth with an S.W.O.T analysis, explanation of its offering (price, product, and service), product positioning, and targeted marketing. I will continue to say that marketing is an essential component to a business’s success in such a competitive environment. Businesses must plan and utilize strategy to gain competitive advantages and stay in the arena with their competitors. Once a business fails to properly plan and strategize they will most likely falter in today’s business and economic environment. This is why understanding particular marketing concepts and tools such as the strategic planning process and market segmentation are essential to devising and executing a successful marketing campaign. To further reinforce these concepts they will be applied to my own marketing campaign for a new product that I developed which is designed to take personal electronic
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