Marketing Strategy For Market Products Internationally

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In order to globally connect with the target market and successfully market products internationally, it is important for a company to know the market, recognize cultural values, localize the marketing campaign, and take into consideration the language barriers. One of the most important factors for a company to market products internationally is knowing the international market. According to the textbook, “companies engaging in international marketing must carefully analyze the major environmental factors of each market in which they compete, including economic, demographic, cultural, and political/legal variables” (Belch & Belch, 2015, p. 648). For instance, in the TedTalk video, “Selling Condoms in the Congo,” by Amy Lockwood, she mentions that the companies “show pictures of your wife or husband and tell you to protect them or act prudently.” The agency in charge of the marketing for the condoms in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) did not know and research the market well enough to know that by using that packaging, it does not encourage the target market to use the condoms. In the article, “5 tips for launching a successful international PPC campaign,” by Chirag Dattani, he describes knowing the market like “knowing more about the neighborhood before buying a new house.” In order to properly reach out to the target market, it is important for the company to research the market and know the proper environmental factors of the market. Along with knowing the

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