Marketing Strategy For Vincor 's Project Twist

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Executive Summary The following plan outlines a marketing strategy for Vincor’s Project Twist which is the launch of a new alcoholic beverage in the refreshment category. The decision concerns details regarding the positioning and marketing issues such as labels, bottles, prices, carriers and flavours required to create a new refreshment beverage to bring forth in the market. Given that the environment of the refreshment category is vigorously shifting, it is extremely difficult to develop a product that will outstand the market for a length of time. However, the market is exceedingly attractive due to the possibility of achieving high sales volume through innovation. This is a great opportunity for Vincor to expand and generate revenue. The product will be targeted towards both genders in the younger demographic within the age group of 19-44 years of age. It will be distinctive from competitors through exciting flavours, creative packaging, and enticing promotional activities giving us a competitive edge. With an “edgy” look and premium quality, this product is sure to create a statement. It is designed to meet that needs and wants that consumers expressed are not being met by coolers presently in the market. It has something for everyone, from those who are looking for a healthy option, value conscious, social, or outdoorsy. Problem Statement Vincor is faced with the issue of creating a concept to market in the refreshment category. When assessing the various
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