Marketing Strategy: Freight Tracks and Spares Company

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MARKETING STRATEGY FOR FREIGHT, TRACKS AND SPARES COMPANY NAME, LOCATION & NATURE The name of the business is "PHIL FREIGHT TRACKS AND SPARES COMPANY". The business will be located at the outskirts of Philadelphia city where there are ample spaces to build a garage for the trucks. The core business is to provide transport and freight services for individuals and organizations situated in Philadelphia and the regions around. The business will also provide shipment and assembly services from other freight companies operation within the region. To complement shipment and assembly services, servicing and repair of motor vehicles in freight and cargo industry is proposed. SELF-ANALYSIS Skills, Abilities and Competences The freight and track business has formed part of my interests is in business since I was attached in to work as with California freight company for three months. During this time, I got an overall exposure in the running of the business. While on the attachment, I made an effort to understand what it takes to run the business and managed to interact with the managerial staffs in different departments of the company. The attachment opportunity opened up my imagination on how to run a freight business incurring least possible capital expenses. I have knowledge in business accounting and management that will be used to open and run the business. My interpersonal skill will be handy to help in forming long lasting relations with possible corporate partners.

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