Marketing Strategy: MBA Level

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Marketing strategy - MBA level Name Institutional Affiliation Date: Marketing strategy - MBA level Question 1 Explain what strategy is and what a strategy statement should include After reading this article, I can say that a strategy is a summary of words that empowers and energizes employees to enhance their long-term performance within the organization. This is the measure undertaken in order to achieve a certain objective and is usually included in a plan for the company. David J. Collis and Michael G. have suggested that a strategy statement describes the action of the general plan and outlines specific activities that should be taken by the company. It does not reflect the impact of the plan for public relations; they are objectives (Collis & Rukstad, 2008). The specific activities that are put in place to ensure that some objectives achieved for a positive impact are also not objectives but just tactics. Strategies combine the aspects of both tactics and objectives. The strategy statement specifies key functions; the tactics can be said to be a clearer version of the strategy, several key taken, but abstract, strategic elements and transforming them into concrete things (Collis & Rukstad, 2008). Components of a strategy statement Concisely the following aspects should be included in the strategy statement: timing, medium type, channel of communication, logic, and publics. David J. Collis and Michael G. Rukstad discussed that a good strategy statement must
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