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5. Marketing Strategy The following marketing strategies will be used for Meet to create awareness and propagate the attractiveness of Meet to the world. 5. a) Advertisement/Promotion: It will be advertised via various online markets like Windows store, Apple store and Google Play Store. The number of downloads and rating in these pages prove to be significant in deciding trial decision. Additional advertisement may be done for major markets like China, India and US. 5. b) Launch on New Year: Tying the promotions up with the New Year can attract immense interest. Meet will have a baby cartoon character as its mascot (indicating the birth of a new fashionable and cool messenger), who speaks, pings and emotes a lot through stickers. The baby can later be made into a young teenager and stop ageing indicating the willingness of everyone to remain as a teenager when the entire world seems within reach and nothing seems impossible. 5. c) Tie up with Telcos: Tie up with telcos to promote the use of Meet will be done. The data packs can have freebies dedicated to Meet Messenger. The promotion of such packs with freebies dedicated to Meet Messenger will increase awareness and prompt customer trials making use of the attractiveness attached with the word “FREE”. Customers want to use up anything that they have for FREE with validity defined. 5. d) Promotion on applications by partners Gaming online has become a trend and promotions can be run before the start and after the end of

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