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Purpose and Overview The purpose of this case analysis report for Mistine, direct selling in Thailand Cosmetic Market looks into the marketing strategies focus. The report includes external opportunities and threats as well as strengths that are to be discussed here. The external opportunities include new markets and new product and service development. External threats include growing competition and lower profitability external business risks. The weakness are high prices are possible, investments in research and development, brand portfolio, competitive market, future debt rating, cost structure and small business units. Internal strengths include domestic market and qualified workforce. The marketing strategies recommended related to the focus of this report and are based on the SWOT analysis are included. They are product strategy, distribution strategy, promotion and pricing strategies.

Summary of Our Past and Current Situations
Current Situation The current situation of the firm’s market can be looked in the following categories; The economic environment in the market is so resilient in the face of world economic uncertainty. There is economic freedom in the industry and this will work in favor of the organization. This is because the deficit-cutting efforts have managed to control public spending in the market to level of 70%. The labor reforms that have helped increase working hour flexibility are also in place. According

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