Marketing Strategy Of A Business

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Marketing Strategy Situation Being a business to business and business to consumer company is fundamental for us to consider the demand of our services in these two dimensions. On the consumer side, US subscription commerce sites have over 21 million visitors and it increases significantly each year (Statista, 2016). By consulting trends on Google we determined the interest of the international population for subscription commerce and discovered that it has been increasing since 2013. The most significant interest comes from UK, Canada and Australia. This good indicator that our services are needed by the Australian consumer as the majority of US subscription commerce companies do not ship to Australia. Moreover, the NAB online retail sales index from March 2016 indicates that international sales continue to increase in the country, meaning that there is a great potential of consumers wanting to order things from international companies and use our services to bring them to Australia. On the business side, we offer the chance to expand their market for free. As we do not charge anything to the businesses our potential consumers are every US-based subscription commerce company, which product has the potential to attract the Australian market and shipping capabilities consist of “US-only” options. A popular review site of subscription boxes (popular name given to the products from subscription commerce companies) has a list of 2956 subscription boxes…
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