Marketing Strategy Of Adidas

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In today’s competitive marketplace several major sportswear companies exist; Adidas, Puma, and Nike are among the top contenders. These companies are competitively striving to build their brands in such a way as to attain the maximum market share. The chosen company for this academic paper is Adidas, headquartered in Herzogenaurach, Germany. Adidas is a manufacturing corporation that designs accessories, clothing, and shoes and is traditionally the world’s second largest sportswear maker after Nike; however they have recently taken first place due to a change in focus in their marketing strategies (get original source from wickipedia). Generally speaking, in the formation of a brand persona/personality for these sportswear companies, marketing activities such as advertising, celebrity endorsements, events sponsorship, user imagery, and so on play an important role. Adidas marketing is segmented and based on demographic, psychographic, and behavioral factors. All marketing activities and brand management decisions are designed to trigger attitudinal, cognitive, and behavioral responses on the part of the consumer and on their buying decisions, including those of our youth who purchase products for not only their physiological needs, but also for their emotional and self-expressive desires. Since most sportswear manufacturers offer their products at best prices, services, and quality, it makes it very difficult for consumers’ to choose between the products available in
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