Marketing Strategy Of Bombardier As A Canadian Based Public Company

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Introduction Bombardier is a Canadian based public company operating in the sector of manufacturing planes and train in several countries. It was founded by Joseph –Armand Bombardier in 1942. They key people involved in the management are Pierre Beaudoin, Alain Bellemare and Lutz Bertling who are working as Chairman, CEO and COO of the company respectively. Over the years, this company has utilized its resources very well and followed a fantastic strategy of expansion. Most of the expansion was made using inorganic strategy of expansion by acquiring various companies already running in the industry which help Bombardier in quick rapid growth. This is quite clear as it has moved well in the value system from making of snowmobiles to planes…show more content…
In an effort to achieve this, Bombardier Capital (BC) was formed in 1973 with a focus to provide services of loan, asset management and leasing throughout the Americas. In 2004, BC saw a major setback as Moody’s credit evaluation section downgrades BC ranking to questionable credit quality from moderate credit risk. At this time, Bombardier decided to get rid of Bombardier Capital and sold this to GE Commercial Finance. Though, such downgrade has not affected its train and plane business sections. Since then, Bombardier’s main focus is on plane and train segment and it is performing very well. International Marketing Mix Marketing is a way to achieve the best results using the right product in the right place using the accurate price at the correct time. A related concept of marketing is marketing mix. Marketing mix is a term which was first introduced by Neil Borden in order to promote and sell a product in the market. Later, it was refined by the Jerome McCarthy in the form of 4Ps. Since then, this 4Ps are the best tools to make a strategy to market and promote a product not just in the local market but in the international market as well. It is recognized as the most valuable model to use the strength of the company to exploit the opportunities in the market. Marketing mix model unfolds many hidden strategies which are impossible to identify. By identifying the hidden areas, Bombardier can make a strategy for each

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