Marketing Strategy Of Chennai Dining

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Currently, Southern India dining market is growing in Maine with the migration of Southern India community as well growing Maine economy. Local Tourism department expects more travel by Car given the low interest rate and so is the demand for dining spicy food. Maine State forecasts, food service growth by 10% increase with more traveling. As a part of a marketing campaign, Chennai Dining department is creating a detailed study on the existing East Indian dining facility for market saturation and a competitive analysis. This analysis will help position Chennai Dining menu in a unique way to attract a new targeted market. Chennai Dining 's two main competitors are Dancing elephant and Jewel of India. These restaurants have the same size and capacity as well their organization resembles Chennai Diners. These competitors are in the local market for more than last 2+ years and well known in the local market and business community. Dancing elephant A restaurant runs by an origin of Bangladesh immigrant and the restaurant is located 25 miles from Chennai Dining. An individual owns this restaurant for the last 2 years. Dancing elephant has a good customer base and have various Bangladesh menus as well outdoor catering. Strengths 1. Owner of dancing elephant has 2 years of restaurant Business experience 2. There is a possibility of expanding the current business to another location 3. Dancing Elephant has established in the Portland sub-urban area with the client base 4.
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