Marketing Strategy Of Coca Cola

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The story of one of the biggest marketing blunders in history, is a story of false hubris, desperation, and driving ambition. Made by one of the largest corporations in the world. The creators of a product on the forefront of the American consciousness. As intertwined into American culture as baseball, apple pie, and Thanksgiving dinner. That product of course was Coca Cola, the formula of which had remained unchanged close to 100 years. Since its creation by Atlanta pharmacist John Pemberton in 1885 as a topical remedy marketed as a cure from ailments such as stomach pains, headaches, and even impotence, Coca Cola had grown into the number one drink in America.
In 1888 Coca-Cola was sold to Asa Candler whose innovative and aggressive marketing tactics would kick start Coca Cola on its path of global domination. From the start rival Pepsi Cola established itself as a formidable number two in the soft drink market. Founded in 1893 Pepsi would continue to play second fiddle to Coke for over sixty years. Coca Colas marketing strategy was simple yet genius. Make Cokes presence known everywhere in America. Ensure that advertisements are placed in every city and every town, and guarantee that no matter where you go, a cold and refreshing Coke beverage was available within arm’s reach. By doing this the Coca Cola Corporation made their product a part of the American identity.
With the advent of World War 2, company executives saw their chance to introduce Coke to the world.

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