Marketing Strategy Of Coca Cola

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Marketing is the backbone of any company. From planning to supply chain, the performance of a company will be dependent on how good the product produced is going to be marketed. If the marketing strategy fail, all efforts put in finance, production, planning and supply chain will be in vain. Coca Cola has been one of the marketing gurus in India breaking all the national cultural barriers in its way.
The nature of international marketing strategies is the foundations of getting a better share of the0020global market. Even with the unique cultures in different communities globally, different consumer trends, different income levels and regulations, multinationals with the right marketing skills and strategies can manage to break through
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More so when it comes to international markets, it becomes a major test and challenge in employing competitive marketing strategies, (Kleindl, 2007). In any industry whether Beverage or Retail business, local businesses have managed to flourish, coupled with unique business laws, income levels, cultural differences and political forces it’s a challenge to penetrate into global markets and get a fair share of the market. As a result, it has become important for organizations, with global brands and products, operating in international markets, or planning to do so, to understand the types of strategies that are needed to penetrate local markets.

Why is it an issue now?
Hennessey, (2011) indicates that historically, a number of companies have managed to break the challenges and stumbling blocks of international marketing and managed to flourish into different global markets. These are required now more than ever before as trade barriers are being eased and economies are opening up, while at the same time a number of emerging economies are promising tremendous growth potential. This issue could be vital for the survival of most organizations.

What could this research shed light on?
The research aims at defining the nature of such international marketing strategies and their impacts for the growth and expansion of multinationals. Understanding the marketing strategy of any company, will help analyse its

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