Marketing Strategy Of Coca Cola

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Marketing is the backbone of any company. From planning to supply chain, the performance of a company will be dependent on how good the product produced is going to be marketed. If the marketing strategy fail, all efforts put in finance, production, planning and supply chain will be in vain. Coca Cola has been one of the marketing gurus in India breaking all the national cultural barriers in its way.
The nature of international marketing strategies is the foundations of getting a better share of the0020global market. Even with the unique cultures in different communities globally, different consumer trends, different income levels and regulations, multinationals with the right marketing skills and strategies can manage to break through various global markets, (Leihs, 2006).
Coca Cola is already integrating Facebook as a part of their marketing plans with 20 million of Facebook fans (Wortham, 2010). The impact of these strategies has allowed multinationals to penetrate new markets and fare well, (Fu, 2011). The nature and impact of these strategies can put a multinational ahead even when there is local competition. The experience of Coca-Cola can provide valuable insights on how to stay ahead of competitors by employing effective international marketing strategies.

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The main research issue is the identification of strategies that have been successful in entering into international markets that are characterized by…

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