Marketing Strategy Of Coca Cola

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Introduction Coca-Cola, the most popular all over the world. The annual sales of about 300 million bottles and it was one of the largest beverage company in the world today. However, since after the birth of Pepsi, more than half a century, the two companies have been carrying on the competition. They turn adverse factors in market development, seeking opportunities, become favorable factors, adopt feasible marketing strategy, etc are a huge success, finally become a remarkable marketing competition paradigm. This report will analysis the industry of carbonated soft drink (CSD) and presents Coke and Pepsi 's advantages. Explain the issue of this case is the new challenges that Coke and Pepsi faced: how to boost flagging CSD sales and keep sustainable growth and profitability; how could they compete with marketing planning. Finally,there are some suggestions. CSD industry The history of soft drinks in the United States illustrates important business innovations, such as product development, franchising, and mass marketing, also the evolution of consumer tastes and cultural trends. The CSD market is a highly competitive industry that includes two behemoths —The Coca-Cola and Pepsi. Coke and Pepsi 's competitive advantages A good example of a company with a sustainable competitive advantage is The Coca-Cola Company. 1, the quality is the highest coke 's business objectives. Products consumers do not lose interest 2. Coca-Cola advertising has always been among the most

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