Marketing Strategy Of Coca Cola

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Introduction– Coca-Cola has been providing various beverages to its consumers for years, but its most popular drink has to be its original beverage called Coke. Coke has been popular for decades due to providing the consumers with its unique and refreshing flavor. Coke has also been known to integrate some unique advertising when promoting its beverage to the public. Situation Analysis– Over the past few years, consumers have decided that they want to alter their lifestyle by reducing or eliminating sugary beverages from their diet. This change poses a problem for soft drink companies such as Coca Cola’s Coke because they will lose business if consumers stop buying their beverages. Coca-Cola decided to remedy the situation by creating their own unique campaign called “Share a Coke.” SWOT Analysis Strengths -The Share a Coke campaign is well liked by consumers. -The campaign relates to the audience with the use of people’s names and song lyrics on the Coke bottles and cans. -It is interactive through various social media. -The campaign tries to add something new every year. Weaknesses -Although the campaign is well liked, eventually consumers will grow tired of the campaign. -The campaign is primarily used for the summer. Opportunities -Since Coke has seen that their Share A Coke is well liked they have to expand their horizons and continue creating new unique campaigns that people will always remember. -Coke needs to create campaigns for every season to maximize

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