Marketing Strategy Of Coles Supermarket

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Marketing Strategy of COLES Supermarket Introduction In today 's age, along with the arrival of the new economy and economic globalization, in the field of management discipline, as the most useful and dynamic subject -Marketing, it is a market activity research based on organisations and individuals clients. Coles supermarket, simply as Coles, is the second major supermarket chain in Australia, was founded at 1914 by George James Coles. He working and learned from his father 's retail store and opened his first shop on 9 April 1914 on Smith Street in the Collingwood, Melbourne. On 2007, Coles Group Limited been purchased by Wesfarmers. (“Wesfarmers buys Coles - Business - Business -,” n.d.) As we can see, Coles is a common suburban grocery shop while it is been opened 762 stores and offer variable product for the consumer’s often need from daily product to groceries, from household items to liquors even general merchandize, consumers can find everything they need in Coles supermarket. (“Coles Supermarkets,” n.d.) They have large influence and obtain more than 30% of market share of supermarket industry in this country. it 's largely affected the country 's economy. On the whole, Coles 's marketing strategy is based on lower price to attracting and retaining consumers. Moreover, Coles committed to become a one-stop shopping, provide a wide range of products with different price to satisfy different consumer 's purchase capabilities. We will addressed the

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