Marketing Strategy Of Domino 's Pizza

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In the competitive marketplace, Domino’s pizza believes that quality and speed are most important factors of the success of their products. For consumers, they are not only concerned about the pizza’s nutrition and taste, they also pay more attention to the freshness and convenient. In order to meet the needs of every customer to send fresh pizza with foreign demand, since 1973 Domino 's pizza launched a pizza delivery service within 30 minutes, and has a patented delivery package, make sure to deliver the high-quality pizza to customers. Domino’s pizza has been focused primarily on pizza delivery for over 50 years, as well as carryout as a significant component of our business. Domino 's pizza delivery service commitment: they will deliver the pizza in 15 minutes to 30 minutes, if the pizza over time served, the staff will give you a complimentary 9-inches pizza coupon for your next meal use. Meanwhile, this marketing strategy make the achievements of the year sales growth of 40% and has taken almost more than 90% of the America’s pizza delivery market. According to the Wall Street Journal, Domino 's net profit for the six months through December rose by 67% to a record 29.1 million Australian dollars (US$22.6 million) on the back of a 29% surge in revenue (Wall Street Journal, 2015).
2. Advertising Problem
When consumers speak of Domino’s pizza, they will just think of the high-quality service. Most of them would ignore their attractive and quality offering. Although the

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