Marketing Strategy Of Emirates Airlines And Etihad Airline Industry

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In this report, the reader will get to know Emirates airlines and Etihad airways briefly, and know what role does those airlines have in the airline industry. The report is divided into 7 parts. At the beginning, the reader will be informed about both airlines marketing process, like what the airlines give to satisfy customers’ desires. In the second section, explaining the marketing strategy of both airlines. Third part is, marketing mix where the reader will get to know about Emirates and Etihad 4ps. In the fourth part, analyze of the products Emirates and Etihad produce and provide, what are the company’s core, actual and augment products. Then the report will show the product decision of each airline (service & products) and (branding:…show more content…
Price Emirates Airline is using the premium pricing strategy, which is to offer a higher price than what other airlines in the market offer. The airline is known with its low/average costs. If the airline raises its prices, their market will fall and the customers will be disappointed and will immediately change to competitor airline. Promotion For advertising, it has to advertise in newspapers that mostly attract this segment like Gulf news and in cheap magazines such as Ahlan. Billboards are good tool for advertising, they are attractive and people everywhere could see them. The airline offers cheapest flights when travelers book tickets online, in this way the airline is promoting itself directly. • Analyze of the product. Emirates Airlines Etihad Airways Core product The service of transporting passengers and goods to different destinations. (Core products, Slide Share) Actual product • The experiences: 1. First class 2. Business class 3. Economy class • Emirates holiday • In-flight entertainment (ice) •

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