Marketing Strategy Of Ge As A Home For Aging Consumers

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Product Strategy GE is very capable of creating products that are not always needed, or needed at all, in the market. On the other hand, GE is very apt to responding to the hidden or unknown needs of consumers in all markets. Those in specific markets are able to tap into the needs of market specific consumers. For example, the healthcare division at GE was aware of the aging patient’s needs to not be in the hospital as often and to avoid re-admittance after a hospital stay. With this in mind, GE set to work to create a system that could be used at home for aging consumers. The monitor system was tested in a home designed for this specific purpose. The test was successful and was able to be further tested in the private homes of consumers. Although the monitor system is not widely accepted by all, the program is available on the market and is very beneficial to those aging patients that employ its services daily by the minute. (Comstock, Gulati, & Liguori, 2010, The Instigator)
Distribution Strategy
The GE commercials have always been a favorite observation for people of all ages, all around the world. The catch phrases, such as “we bring good things to life” and imagination at work, have lasting impacts on the audience. Advertising Age (Islam, 2014, How GE Gets Content) has a report that talks about GE’s innovative means of distribution and encourages other businesses to look at how GE makes distribution so successful. The first step is creating a marketing campaign that
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