Marketing Strategy Of Gopro Inc.

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A. Introduction GoPro Inc. is a camera and accessory company specializing in High Definition (HD) waterproof action sport cameras. GoPro Inc.’s main product line includes a range of lightweight and compact cameras, which are capable of taking both photos and videos at high resolution. For the purpose of this paper, I will be focusing on the GoPro Hero4 Black Edition Californian surfer, Nick Woodman, established GoPro Inc. in 2002. On June 26, 2014 GoPro Inc. opened itself as a publicly traded company. GoPro Inc. is currently valued at $2.95 billion. B. Brand Inventory- GoPro I. Brand Elements GoPro Inc. builds their brand through four main brand elements, all focusing on extreme outdoor sport activities. GoPro’s brand elements include their choice of name, their logo design, their slogan, as well as their product capabilities. GoPro combines these four brand elements to reach existing and new consumer target markets and to create a strong brand image and positive brand concept, all whilst maintaining a competitive advantage over product competitors. Name GoPro Inc. included all the characteristics necessary for a memorable name: the benefit of “going pro”, the association of the cameras with professional athletes, distinctiveness, and simplicity. GoPro in its most literal sense is derived from the consumer athlete’s desire to become, ‘to go’, professional in their sport or activity of choice. With two easy syllables, GoPro, is a company name that is easily
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