Marketing Strategy Of Keri MINIKA

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In relation to its offering a departure from the hyper-commercialized, ready-made dolls of the modern world, DIY (Do-it-yourself) doll-making influence is beneficial on what it means to be a creative and imaginative. The commercial doll has existed alongside its counterpart, the homemade doll, since the beginning of industrialization. Keri MINIKA creates and produces a decorative nine to eleven inches sock dolls, body patterns with accessory tags. Keri MINIKA can impress potential buyers for its unique, various appeals and styles with its colorful sock designs that are perfect for personal gifts, decorations and event materials in different occasions. Keri MINIKA is made of cotton socks that unlike plastic it is easy to repair
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Keri MINIKA serves as a medium for artistic creation and narrative development with the potential to transform childhood identities.
Keri MINIKA can transform its look literally from head to toe, a well-made and versatile and it will last for years to come when properly maintained. Everything on the doll can be repaired or replaced if necessary. The socks used has its own unique designs and style that will give customers joy with sense of enjoyment and beauty. The light weight stuffing material is in good quality and environmental friendly. Our doll’s size is enough to be displayed in cars, Christmas trees and in every corners of the house.
A handmade sock doll is unique, as is the users who opt to buy our products hold a unique place as it provides among different events on our lives, for it is the archetypal image of human. Every doll can bring different emotions. In different ways both forms of the Keri MINIKA doll played a significant role in the lives of people and it will shape both collective and individual identities associated with what we think of as being lively and
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