Marketing Strategy Of Marketing Strategies Essay

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Digital Marketing 1 Pack, 1 Vaccine Campaign Tutor : Foteini Yu-Jin Lin (M00551247) Word count : 1132 words Abstract This report presents the keys of successful marketing, such as, creative movement, powerful emotion, and useful way and so on. Furthermore, this report evaluates Pampers ‘1 PACK, 1 VACCINE’ campaign. At the final section this report gives two suggestions for Pampers. Contents Contents Abstract1 Contents2 Introduction 3 Aim3 Background 3 Methodology3 What makes a marketing campaign successful (FINDING)4 P&G and Pampers with UNICEF (Finding) 5 P&G5 Pampers with UNICEF 5 Analysis of ‘1 Pack, 1 Vaccine’ campaign6 Suggestions & Conclusion 7 REFERENCE LIST 8 Introduction Aim The purpose of this report is to research the successful factors of today’s marketing and how they use digital marketing and social media, and to analyse the success of Pampers & UNICEF’s launching of ‘1 PACK, 1 VACCINE’ campaign. Furthermore, this report also gives suggestions for the improvement. Background Pampers belongs to P&G company and has a partnership with UNICEF. In addition, this report has chosen this topic because nowadays marketers are usually using commercial campaign to sell their products. On the other hand, people use social technology to do most of things in their life including shopping. Methodology Data and research of this report are based on secondary research mainly from online articles, books and videos. The analysis of the campaign is based on the findings from Procter

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