Marketing Strategy Of Nike, Inc. Essay

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Companies must seek to differentiate themselves from the competitors for them to thrive and survive in the competitive market. All the companies use information from marketing to enhance their competitive advantages in their specific industries. When implementing a marketing strategy, the companies need to analyze their marketing information and understand and evaluate what is working and what isn’t working. The two companies are unique in categories of sporting apparel and footwear. They have also been able to perform better in designing apparel and athletic equipment. The marketing strategy of Nike, Inc. lies on its world image and brand recognition, which UA is working hard to achieve. Hence, there are two possible ways which UA could differentiate itself from its competitors, including Nike and Adidas. These are: expanding its appeal to the women and focusing on having a wider reach and exploiting the potential of the social media advertising. The company needs to focus on women athletes because the company has been linked to men athletes. This will mean that the company will have a wider reach of the target audience rather than targeting a specific group. Hence, Under Armour should develop and produce women products which meet the needs of the women under female designers and with guidance from female athletes. It is clear that football cleat doesn’t fit female runners or ballerina. The company needs to market female athletic shoes, which would give the company an

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