Marketing Strategy Of Pipeworks Brewing Company

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Branding is the life blood of any product. A company’s product success is determined by it’s brand strategy. Hammond (2015) mentions that “A dynamic and memorable brand strategy must include both the brand personality (visual: graphics, colors, images, etc.) and the brand positioning (messaging: the words used to bring brand to life). That said, the brand personality and positioning should make consumers aware of the product being offered. (BOOK CITE) states that “A company lives or dies based on brand awareness. Consumers cannot buy products that they don’t know exist.” Therefore, proper branding and packaging strategies are deployed by companies in order to sell their product successfully. In the case of Pipeworks Brewing Company (Pipeworks), they have developed branding and packaging strategies that has completely captivated Chicago’s craft beer scene with overwhelming success.

Branding and Packaging Strategies
Branding is defined by as “the process involved in creating a unique name and image for a product in the consumers ' mind, mainly through advertising campaigns with a consistent theme.” The Pipeworks brand is recognized by their iconic pipe wrench and mash paddle logo. Both essential pieces of equipment used in brewing beer. Pipeworks’ slogan is “small batches, big beers” ( The slogan refers to each of their beers brewed in small quantities, packaged in 22 ounce bottles, and are usually 8 percent alcohol by…
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