Marketing Strategy Of The Apple Company Essay

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Marketing is the driver behind the sales of products in either local or international market. Marketing refers to a form of communication between a firm or seller and their customers, with a goal to sell their products to the customers. The key aspect of marketing is communication. Different companies have different marketing strategies. Good marketing strategies lead to successful sales. It is through the marketing strategies employed by a firm that enables it to outdo their competitors. The organizations face huge challenges in the international markets which have to be handled properly to ensure the organization succeeds in its operations. Several lessons can be drawn from a marketing strategy. International organizations use corporate websites and the social media to enable their marketing is progressive and covers huge numbers of targeted customers. An example of an international organization that carries out marketing at the global level is the Apple Company Inc.
Apple’s Marketing Strategy
The Apple Company does not have any marketing budget. It does not even go on advertising her products through radio or televisions. Instead, it uses other companies for advertising of their electronic products. Apple Company uses her brands to compete. It focuses on product marketing strategy. The company values product placement with celebrities. It also employs free trial programs of their products in exchange foe a fantastic or positive testimonial. Besides, Apple

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