Marketing Strategy Of The Coffee Industry Essay

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Database Marketing Intro The advancement of technology has allowed brands the opportunities improve its marketing strategy and performance. Certain brands have adapted to emerging trends to improve marketing efforts. “Fifty-seven percent do not use a centralized database to track and analyze their marketing campaigns” (Jeffery 2010 pg. 6). This statistic presents distinct advantages for certain brands that are willing to use its data to improve its marketing efforts. The effective use of database marketing can help a brand generate personal communication to its customers and differentiate its brand among competitors. A brand that will be examined is Starbucks to understand its brand, industry, how it effectively uses database marketing, and where opportunities exist for the brand. Industry Overview The coffee industry is already a highly profitable industry and growth continues to exist. Coffee is a widely consumed beverage both in the United States and throughout the world. The market is divided into segments of growers, roasters, and retailers. “On the retail level, roast and ground coffee still took the largest sales share with 36 percent of retail in 2013” (Hubpages 2012). Folger and Maxwell are the primary ground coffee brands that dominant the at-home coffee segments. Another part of the industry is the out-of-home retail market which includes coffee chains and specialty coffee shops. Retail chains such as Starbucks and Dunkin Brands Inc. dominate this market. These
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