Marketing Strategy Of The Coke Company

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Moving to the Coke Company, they are not any behind in the competition against their rival, Pepsi Company. Perhaps, they are even ahead of Pepsi companies in both statistically and efficiently. Talking about statistics, they are certainly the number one brand leaving Pepsi in number two. And just like their rival Pepsi and every other beverage companies, they also have plans for marketing strategies and their marketing strategies are effective and creative as well. According to Chad and Gabriel (2003), “Coke is trying boost its vending-machine business by tapping into the Japanese obsession with cellphones. Coke partnered with Japan 's leading cellular operator, NTT DoCoMo, to develop a service called Cmode that lets customers buy a drink by using their phones instead of cash” (p.38). It was a very creative, innovative, and of course, one of the most effective marketing strategy Pepsi made to increase their sales and eventually to promote their brand. It was effective because it was a strategy especially for the people in Japan. In Japan, not many people had access to the vending machines or they didn’t have cash money to buy the drink, so they could easily buy it by using cell phone, which didn’t require cash money. The result of this strategy was extremely positive, as Chad and Gabriel informs, “On a recent summer day, Coke beamed an electronic coupon to all of its Cmode customers. Sales jumped 50% that day” (2003, p.38).
According to Barry, Peterson, and Todd (1987),…
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