Marketing Strategy Of The Company

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MGMT 6072 – International Sales Skills

Product Strategy

Prepared By:
Karishma Vasaya

Selling Company: Columbia Sportswear Company
The company was established in Portland, Oregon, developing equipment for the enjoyment of outdoor activities and sports for more than 70 years. Our company is the business leader in sports products and outdoor attire taking desire in understanding the individuals loving the outdoor activities. Hence, our products like Pants, jackets, boots, shoes, shirts, gloves etc. are all inspected tough so that individuals can enjoy the outdoors longer. Also, these products are well designed and crafted durable.
Product Sold: Winter Jackets
A water-resistant with multiple layered developed through watertight sheet on the outer surface with soft fabric inside to protect and insulate against chilly winds and frosty snow.
Buying Company: Outdoors Magic Ltd (Get your game on……)
Prospect Information:
Name: Wal-mart store, Inc
Wal-Mart Stores, Inc also known as Walmart manages a chain of department stores offering various products like grocery, fashion, sea food, clothing, electronics, etc. Many people prefer shopping at this store because it is considered as one stop shop.
List of Questions:
1. What encouraged you to look into this company for buying products?
2. What qualities do you look in for buying insulated jacket?
3. Which quality is most important to you?
4. What don’t you like to have in a winter jacket? (Any specification like
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