Marketing Strategy Of The Fashion Channel

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The Fashion Channel is a cable TV network that exclusively offers programs for a fashion-oriented audience. Initially, TFC was able to grow without any targeted segmentation or detailed branding strategy. TCF is still the only fashion channel but channels such as CNN and Lifetime are introducing fashion segments to their programming and in return have increased competition and threatened market share. The growth of The Fashion Channel depends highly on proper market segmentation. The addition of fashion segments by CNN and Lifetime means advertisers and viewers have alternative choices. These recent changes in the market have stimulated TFC to reconsider their approach towards their marketing strategy in order to secure their position as market leader. To advise with the marketing strategy at TFC, Dana Wheeler was hired. The focus of the new marketing strategy should be on the segmenting of the network. Table of Contents 1. Statement of the marketing challenge and evidence in support 2. Analysis of current situation: a. SWOT analysis b. Product analysis c. Market analysis d. Competitive analysis e. Financial analysis f. Management considerations 3. Analysis of Dana Wheeler 's three alternative strategies for segments and positioning a. Broad multi-segment approach; pros and cons b. Fashionista segment approach; pros and cons c. Fashionista and the Shopper/Planner approach; pros and cons 4. Recommendation 5. Financial impact of recommendation 6.

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