Marketing Strategy Of The Solar Panels

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Marketing strategy Marketing is a management process that anticipate and satisfy the customer’s requirement. Marketing depends on Product, Price of the product, place as well as the promotion Product: as we know that electricity plays an important role now days that is why we have chosen solar panel as our product. Solar panels are devices which will help to convert light into electricity. It is called “solar” because sun is the biggest source of a very simple word we can say that it is a collection of lots of solar cells and it works together to provide the power. Solar panel will absorb the energy from the sun and will generate the electricity. Solar panel will help to reduce the electricity bills. It is a renewable energy which play an important role to reduce our home’s greenhouse gas emission. Our product is efficient to produce rated output. Price: Pricing will depend on the number of panels, location as well as the size of the inverter. Our Product price has been decided on the basis of per capita income of an Australian people. The following table illustrate the pricing details. Average solar system price 1.5kW 2 kW 3 kW 4 kW 5 kW 10 kW Melbourne 3830$ 4100$ 5295$ 6317$ 7630$ 14536$ Sydney 3805$ 4194$ 5401$ 6920$ 8050$ 14300$ Perth 2886$ 3335$ 4350$ 5439$ 6500 - Adelaide 3554$ 3896$ 4926$ 6100$ 7115$ 13700$ Brisbane 3650$ 4425$ 5536$ 6745$ 7922$ 17895$ Canberra 4000$ 4330$ 5488$ 6730$ 7770$ 14730$

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