Marketing Strategy Of Using Generic Ads

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Traditional marketing does not have the same affect on consumers as it once did. Consumers are now conditioned to avoid advertisements.

Personalized content marketing is swiftly replacing generic ads. Content tailored to the customer’s needs offers brands the opportunity to pinpoint specific consumer interests.

This kind of content is highly effective. Content marketing specialist Ben Stroup discovered that 90% of consumers find custom content useful.

Marketers are now tasked to build customer-driven content marketing strategies. According to the 2016 CMI Benchmarks survey, only 30% of B2B marketers are confident in their organization 's’ content marketing effectiveness.

With the growing challenge to focus on consumer problems, marketing professionals must produce stellar results for their companies.

Let’s explore how your company can create more customer-driven content.

1. Focus on Content Metrics
Research shows that website traffic is the most often used metric. Increasing traffic is usually a result of more content production.

However, traffic drawn does not create engaged readers. Customers can quickly view your website and leave. This issue is one of several plaguing content marketers.

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One purpose of creating customer-driven content is to help increase visitor engagement. You want customers to stick around on your site.

When considering metrics, consider the following questions:
How long do they stay on a particular page?
Do consumers…
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