Marketing Strategy Of Volkswagen

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The German automotive manufacturer Volkswagen also known as “the people’s car company” was formed in wolfsbury, Germany in 1937. Over the years the company has expanded, manufacturing both commercial and passenger vehicles, through the expansion the Volkswagen group were created. The Volkswagen group today according to Volkswagen the group (2016) is one of the world’s leading automotive manufacturers in Europe. Volkswagen the group (2016) highlighted that the group encompass twelve brands from seven European countries. The company’s brand portfolio include brand such as:
• Volkswagen
• Bugatti
• Lamborghini
• Bentley
• Ducati
• Volkswagen commercial vehicle
According to Volkswagen the
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 To be the leading employer in the market by employing a highly qualified, skilled and motived team
To maintain its success within the market according to Volkswagen annual report (2014) the company has focused on producing attractive environmentally friendly vehicles by setting new ecological standards and it strong individual brand market positions worldwide has allowed the Volkswagen to leverage its strengths to maintain it competitive advantage. However, due to Volkswagen diesel emission scandal in 2015, the company has developed a new strategy according to Automotive News Europe (2015) called "TOGETHER – Strategy 2025". Automotive News Europe (2015) indicated that Volkswagen CEO emphasised that the strategy will focus on profitably rather than on volume growth. According to Volkswagen the group (2016) the new strategy entails the company transforming its automotive core business by a launching more than thirty (30) fully electric cars by 2025. Additionally, Volkswagen the group (2016) highlighted that the company intends to expand battery technology and autonomous driving as new core competences as well as establishing a cross-brand business unit for intelligent mobility solutions. The success of Volkswagen future transformation would rely on the company forming partnerships, acquisitions of other brands and strategic
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