Marketing Strategy

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Executive Summary Pensonic company is founded by Dato chew Weng Khak in 1982. The vision of Pensonic company is becoming the successful Asian brand. Pensonic set to deliver product and service in meeting customers satisfaction as their mission. The objective for the company is to become the worldwide well known household appliance brands. Basically, Pensonic target on the niche market. They mainly focus on one product line which is home appliances. The marketing mix is the most fundamental elements that needed to operate a company. Pensonic introduce a green product which is a mini portable fridge need to consider all the factors in term of the quality, safety, design, packaging and so on. After a new green product is …show more content…
Target marketing strategy that use by Pensonic Holding Bhd are Concentrate (niche) marketing. Their selling categories are blender, electric kettle, electric oven and air conditioner and other are most categories in home appliance. So their primary consumer targeted are family is in the middle-upper income professional because they are often use the product that offer by Pensonic. This concentrate marketing strategy can enable them to earn more profit but also suffer greatly if the segment turns sour.

Basically product is anything that can be offered to a market for attention, acquisition, use or consumption and that might satisfy a want or need. Nowadays there many products with different brand, in order to identify a product in the market it need product identification which consist of branding, packaging, symbol and others. Besides, a product also must solve consumer problem and benefit them. Pensonic had offer many home appliance, in this case we are focuses on doing research for one the Pensonic product which is Pensonic portable mini fridge for the masses because it is an indispensable home appliance for many people.
Product planner need to think about the three levels of the product which are core benefits, actual products and augmented product. The core benefits of Pensonic portable mini fridge are easier
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