Marketing Strategy Selection And Discussion Of Whataburger Essay

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4.2 – Entry Strategy Selection and Discussion Whataburger should adopt the franchising strategy to enter into Canada. This way Whataburger can use their existing business plan to enter into the market. Since it doesn’t stay to far from what other fast food chains exist there (McDonald’s, Wendy’s, A&W) Whataburger shouldn’t have a hard time fitting in. But, the restaurant will have to give up some of its “southern classics” in exchange for more Canadian choices like poutine, to show Canadian customers that they are trying to integrate into the culture and not force their way in. Then once business picks up Whataburger can feature the classics they have in the United States.
5.0 – Whataburger Target Market Analysis & Segmentation
5.1 – Target Market Analysis Whataburger’s current target market is families or people looking for a fresh fast food with a value. The company’s advertising definitely leans on the family orientation of the restaurant. It was started by families and makes the restaurant to be a down home family kind of place. Their focus is more so on family and southern hospitality than so value like McDonald’s, so Whataburger may cater to a slightly more sophisticated group.
5.2 – Recommended Target Market Analysis In Canada, Whataburger should target the same group, families, people with a traditional outlook, since Whataburger focuses on family and tradition. And since Canada is a very family oriented traditional country. In addition to this market,

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