Marketing Strategy : Target Market And A Related Market Mix

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• Marketing Strategy Market Strategy is a term that is shown in the Essentials of Marketing (Perreault, Cannon, McCarthy). According to the book a marketing strategy specifies a target market and a related market mix. When a company comes together to set a goal and also plan what their next step and vision they want their company to have in the nearest future they use marketing strategy to pick out their target and what they will need to create to draw in new customers. Marketing strategy also focuses on one specific product and a specific market they want their produce to be available to that they believe would fly off the shelves so they could reach their goals. In a company like Samsung, the marketing strategy could play a big role in the improving the company’s sale. When a company have a new vision or re-modify their old vision for their company they tend to improve their countries creativities. The improvement in they could lead to gaining new consumers and might even lead to tapping into new market. • Cultural and Social Environment The cultural and social environment is found in chapter 3 of our textbook, Essentials of Marketing: A Marketing Strategy Planning Approach. It is described as a marketing tool that looks into how and why society lives and behaves as they do. This data shows how consumer purchases eventually affect the economic, political, and legal environments. (Perreault, Cannon, McCarthy) In our company, Samsung, the cultural and social environment is

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